5 Best WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps for Android

Originally launched as an instant messaging app, WhatsApp has become a necessity for many. The app now offers you many forms of communication such as video/voice calls, texting and more.

If you often use WhatsApp to video call with your friends, relatives or colleagues, you may have felt the need to record the video calls at some point. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not allow users to record voice calls for authentic reasons.

Since WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to record voice/video calls, you have to rely on third-party apps to record the video calls made from your account. Therefore, if you are interested in recording video calls on WhatsApp, you may find this guide very helpful.

5 Best WhatsApp Video Call Recorder Apps for Android

You must use the screen recorder apps to Record WhatsApp video calls. There are quite a few screen recorder apps in the Google Play Store that work with WhatsApp and can record video calls with voice. Here are the best WhatsApp video call recording apps.

1. Video Call, Screen Recorder

Video call, screen recorder

Video Call, Screen Recorder is an android app that allows you to record video calls. It’s basically a screen recorder that can record anything that’s displayed on your phone’s screen.

You can use it to Record WhatsApp video calls and save them directly to your SD card. The good thing about Video Call Screen Recorder is that it can also record the internal audio voice.

Although Video Call, Screen Recorder is a useful app, it has a few drawbacks. Sometimes the app won’t start during the video call, sometimes the internal audio voice can’t record.

2. AZ screen recorder

AZ Screen Recorder

If you are looking for a stable, high-quality, free screen recorder for Android to record WhatsApp video calls, you should try AZ Screen Recorder. It is a top rated screen recorder app for Android that can record video calls from various apps.

Once installed, AZ Screen Recorder will add a floating button to your phone screen. You can use the floating button to record your Android screen.

If you want to record the WhatsApp video calls, you need to place the call and start recording your screen. AZ Screen Recorder can record your entire video call session along with the sound.

3. Video Recorder for WhatsApp Vi

Video Recorder for WhatsApp Vi

Video Recorder for WhatsApp Vi is an Android screen recorder app that can record high quality incoming and outgoing calls.

The good thing about Video Recorder For Whatsapp Vi is that it works with any social networking and instant messaging app that supports video calling.

To record WhatsApp video calls, you need to enable the app’s screen recording before your conversation starts. Video Recorder for WhatsApp Vi has saved every recording of video call in the app folder of Video Recorder for WhatsApp Vi.

4. Video Show Screen Recorder

Video Show Screen Recorder

Videoshow Screen Recorder is a top rated screen recorder app available on Google Play Store. The app is mostly used to record the game while playing, capture the screen and more.

You can also use this to record your WhatsApp video calls. Compared to other screen video recorder apps, Videoshow Screen Recorder has a cleaner interface and the app itself is easy to use.

Apart from the WhatsApp video calls, you can use Videoshow Screen Recorder to record live shows, capture screenshots and on-screen tutorial videos. The premium version of the app provides you with video editing features.

5. X Recorder


XRrecorder, or Inshot Screen Recorder, is another great Android app in the list that allows you to take smooth and clear screen videos and screenshots. Like the Videoshow screen recorder, XRrecorder is mainly used to record gameplay videos.

YouTubers also use the app to record and share HD video tutorials for smartphones. Talking about recording video calls, XRecorder can record WhatsApp video calls, but the sound sometimes doesn’t work.

Besides the WhatsApp video calls, XRecorder can also record videos from Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Signal and a few other social and instant messaging apps.

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All the apps mentioned in the article were available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free. So, these are some of the best Android apps to record WhatsApp video calls. If you know of any other ways to record video calls on WhatsApp, let us know in the comments below.