7,000-year-old structure near Prague is older than Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids

Archaeologists digging near Prague have discovered the remains of a Stone Age structure older than Stonehenge and even the Egyptian pyramids: an enigmatic complex known as a rondel. Nearly 7,000 years ago, during the late Neolithic or New Stone Age, a local farming community may have gathered in this circular building, though its true purpose is unknown.

The unearthed roundel is large – about 180 feet (55 meters) in diameter, or about as long as the The Leaning Tower Of Pisa is long, Radio Prague International reported (opens in new tab). And while “it’s too early to say anything about the people building this roundel”, it’s clear that they were part of the Ironed pottery culture (opens in new tab)which flourished between 4900 BC and 4400 BC, Jaroslav Řídký, a spokesman for the Institute of Archeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IAP) and an expert on rondelles in the Czech Republic, told Live Science in an email. -mail.