A+H architects surround vietnam café with large, revolving glass doors

a+h architects unveils serene coffee shop in vietnam

Overflowing with greenery, A+H Architects’ Nomad Café in Dong Nai, Vietnamdraw on the spirit of nomadism to come up with this coffee shop which unites local culture with modern design. Nomad Café is located in a religious area where much of the population is devout Catholics, hence the architects create a chapel-like atmosphere that is serene, spiritual and open. The design takes advantage of the surrounding landscape and optimizes the internal and external usable spaces to provide visitors with a variety of seating experiences. Exposed specific surfaces, large rotating glass walls and a semi-transparent elevation blur the boundaries between outside and inside, immersing the coffee shop’s guests in nature and creating a natural, relaxed atmosphere.

all images courtesy of A+H Architects

nomad Café draws on the shape and atmosphere of a chapel

Nomad Café is located in a religious area of ​​the town of Bien Hoa, where most of the population is devout Catholics, with a church every few miles. Building on this local culture, A+H Architects incorporates the image and atmosphere of a small chapel to create a light, quiet space with a serene atmosphere and an experience that goes beyond simply enjoying a cup of coffee. coffee.

With the limited interior space, the architects arrange the furniture in a composition that optimizes the usable area, creating an open and airy design with a variety of seating experiences; visitors can sit in a quiet, intimate nook by the window or congregate under a luminous void while taking in the view of nature outside, or enjoy the patio seating areas overrun with plants. A+H Architects further integrates the structure into the surrounding landscape with movable glass walls that envelop the height, and skylights and voids that bring in natural light from all angles. By blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, the interior spaces form a dialogue with the surrounding nature, allowing guests to experience nature directly and up close.

A+H architects creates serene chapel-like atmosphere + nomadic spirit in cafe in vietnam
the ground floor is an open space, with a system of revolving steel glass doors along the facade

a luminous void connects inside and outside

With a clearly distinguished program, the ground floor is an open space, with a system of rotating steel glass doors along the facade, connecting the interior and the exterior. On the top floor, A+H Architects creates a quiet, intimate and homely atmosphere, consisting of two different spaces. The inner area is connected to the ground floor via a void, allowing visitors to see the surrounding view, and the outer area consists of a balcony along the facade, creating a thematic buffer space between inside and outside.

With the shape of Nomad Café, the architects retain the old reinforced concrete structure, revealing the rough surface. They contain an additional module of perforated corrugated steel sheet and a system module for revolving glass doors along the elevation. Meanwhile, an elliptical iron scale is calculated to optimize the area. Minimal materials have been used throughout to create a stark contrast between steel, glass, concrete and handcrafted floor and wall finishes. A+H Architects plans to withdraw, relocate and reuse the materials for future projects, with this mobility reinforcing the name of the coffee shop, Nomad.

A+H architects creates serene chapel-like atmosphere + nomadic spirit in cafe in vietnam
a void visually connects the upper and lower floors, and the interior and exterior