Biden mocks Republicans who take credit for what they didn’t vote for

  • President Joe Biden joked about GOP lawmakers taking credit for a bill they initially rejected.
  • He gave a brief impersonation of them while also speaking out against “MAGA Republicans.”
  • The president has recently stepped up criticism of die-hard Trump supporters and far-right voters.

President Joe Biden joked Thursday about Republican lawmakers claiming to have tried to take credit for an infrastructure bill they didn’t vote for.

Speaking at a Democratic National Committee meeting about the White House’s bipartisan infrastructure bill, Biden briefly imitated these GOP members.

“We got a little help from the Republicans, not much, but enough to make it work,” he said. “But the truth is, there are far more Republicans taking credit for that bill than actually voting for it.”

As the audience laughed, Biden deepened his voice.

“I see them out there: now we’re going to build this new bridge here,” he said. “We’re all for it. And besides, this new way, we’re going to have an internet that will be completely over.”

At the end of his impersonation, he joked, “I love it, man. They have no shame.”

During his speech Thursday, Biden called the infrastructure bill a “one-time investment” in roads, highways, airports and high-speed internet as he listed several achievements under his administration.

He also criticized “MAGA Republicans,” continuing his recent criticism of former President Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters.

“I want to be very clear up front, not every Republican is a ‘MAGA Republican.’ Not every Republican raises an extreme ideology,” Biden said. “I know, because I’ve worked with them and the mainstream Republicans, and there are still a few left.”

Biden accused the “extreme group of MAGA Republicans” of working on “anger, violence, hatred and division,” Biden called on Democrats, independents and “regular Republicans” to “choose a different path” together.

Biden’s comments on Thursday came just a week after he made some of his strongest statements about the GOP during a prime-time speech warning of “MAGA forces” who are “determined to make this country go backwards.” He also described the upcoming November midterms as a “battle for the soul of the nation.”

In response, Republican National Committee chairman Ronna McDaniel reversed Biden’s comments, accusing him of making “miserable attacks” on Americans that “turn neighbors against each other” and sow division.

The RNC also has accused Biden of hypocrisy for speaking out against MAGA Republicans, claiming it contradicted his previous calls for unity in the US.