Donald Trump threatens to sue Fox News over ad calling his fans ‘suckers’

Donald Trump threatened Fox News on Thursday and it was not easy.

The former president announced on his allegedly financially challenged Truth Social platform that he is considering suing the news network for false advertising after it aired an abusive, demeaning Lincoln Project ad.

The ad in question is titled “SUCKER” and basically explains to MAGA Republicans why they are suckers because they basically believe everything Trump told them:

“Dear MAGA, we have bad news. No, not that he lost. Not that your little coup attempt failed and the planners and the attackers go to jail. No. The really bad news is why Trump told you he lost. Why he set it up way before the 2020 election. It wasn’t voter fraud, it was fraud.

“Trump told you the election was stolen, ripped you off, to cheat you, to take your hard-earned money and put it in his pockets. He spent it on himself not to take back the White House.

“It was the biggest scam in political history. Every dollar you sent him was paid to keep his shady business empire and lavish lifestyle going. It was a sucker game all along. And do you know who the sucker is? You.”

The ad copy may appeal to “MAGA Republicans,” but the Lincoln Project is deliberately targeting Trump, buying local ad time on Fox News in Bedminster, New Jersey, where the former president spends the warmer winter months, Mediaite said.

The commercial was specifically designed to piss off Trump, and it apparently succeeded based on the rant he unleashed on Truth Social Wednesday morning:

“The Lincoln Project’s Perverts and Lowlifes are back on, where else, Fox News. I thought they ran away to the asylum after their last catastrophic campaign, with accusations against them that were utter nonsense, and I got many millions more votes in 2020 than I got in 2016. The Paul Ryun-run Fox only has high standards for “Trump” advertising, but not for anyone else. The Perverts should not be allowed to “fake advertising”, and Fox News should not allow this to happen. See you in court!!!”

Donald Trump threatened to sue Fox News for airing an ad criticizing him.

It should be noted that Trump notoriously threatens lawsuits, but rarely files them—probably because the discovery process could force him to answer embarrassing questions under oath.

That and the First Amendment’s protection of political speech are probably why Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson didn’t seem too concerned about the threat.

“In 2020, The Lincoln Project entered into a long-term free lease in Trump’s mind. His threat to sue the Lincoln Project today is like Trump himself; powerless, weak and pathetic,” he told Mediaite.

Wilson said he was “elated” at the prospect of a lawsuit and released a Twitter video bluntly telling Trump to “go for it”.

Go for it. Go for it, bitch. Come to me. I can’t wait,” he sneered. “To do the. Do it. I double challenge you.”

It seems that Twitter users liked the ad more than Trump.