Fantasy Football Week 3 Quarterback Preview: Streamers, Projections, Matchups and More


Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson should all enter the Hall of Fame on their first try. Brady and Rodgers totally deserve to be a part of the GOAT discussion on the quarterback position. But you won’t find any of them in my top-12 quarterbacks in Week 3, and the rest of their Fantasy seasons are questionable to say the least at this point.

For Wilson, it’s reasonable to ask if his loss of mobility means he’s no longer a difference maker in Fantasy. He has only run 5 yards in two games this season. At the very least, the loss of Jerry Jeudy and the adventure that has been Nathaniel Hackett’s play calling should give you a break in Week 2.

Rodgers and Brady are really facing each other this week, and if you want an idea of ​​what Vegas expects, the over/under as of Tuesday afternoon is 41. For reference, the Rams-Cardinals game is 49. The Packers and Bucs are two very good defenses and the quarterbacks are trying to adapt to the lack of broad receiver talent around them. None of these quarterbacks are in my top 18 and neither of them is in the top 27 for the first two weeks of the season.

Rodgers’ receiver situation isn’t expected to change much as the season progresses, so I don’t really believe we should expect much more than borderline QB1 production throughout the season. Brady, on the other hand, could still be a top-five Fantasy quarterback if he ever gets Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Julio Jones on the field at the same time. In fact, if you have someone you’re comfortable with starting this week, I might consider buying Brady low before week 3, although it might be even cheaper next week.

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