Fantasy Takeaways from Bills-Rams: Josh Allen Unstoppable

The 2022 NFL season has started. One game in, the Bills quickly established themselves as the Super Bowl favorite, and the Rams offered the ultimate representation of “Super Bowl hangover.” A lot happened in Buffalo’s 31-10 win at SoFi Stadium, and we certainly saw enough to make some gritty fantasy reactions:

Josh Allen is ridiculous
So in my fantasy competition with old college friends, there’s a guy who isn’t exactly a big football fan and certainly isn’t a “fantasy guy.” He has the fourth overall pick in our draft, and after the first three picks were the usual suspects of tier-one running backs and receivers, this man drafted Josh Allen. So yeah, he’s “that guy” reaching for a QB on round 1. Well, he’s also that guy who has an early 33.48 point lead in his week 1 game. Can Allen produce a total of 353 yards and four touchdowns each week? Thursday night he looked like he could do it. (Still, this is why you don’t draft a QB in the first round: My friend with Allen plays a team with Justin Herbert at QB. While Allen was the fourth player to be drafted, Herbert went midway through round 3. That’s still pretty high, but the fantasy manager with Herbert also has Austin Ekeler and Deebo Samuel. The top men of Allen’s fantasy team are Javonte Williams and Tyreek Hill. Which threesome would you rather have?)