Here’s How To Use A Coffee Nap To Boost Your Energy Levels

You’ve probably always been told that napping will ruin your sleep ‘at night. But what if I told you there’s a way to sleep without it? negative side effects?

A coffee nap might be just what the doctor ordered when you need an afternoon boost. The concept is simple, drink a cup of coffee, nap and wake up feeling refreshed. But there’s more to it: you have to drink your coffee the right way and take a nap at the right time.

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What exactly is a coffee nap?

A coffee nap is easy – you drink a cup (or two) of coffee and take a nap right away. It is a practical and simple way to increase your energy level during the day.

There’s some science behind coffee naps. Coffee dissolves in our blood and cell membranes, allowing it to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. When Caffeine Comes In the brain, it competes with adenosine in your brain to get to the brain cell receptors. Adenosine is the chemical neuromodulator that makes us feel tired. When adenosine reaches the receptors, we become sleepy.

Caffeine does not eliminate the adenosine in the brain. However, a coffee nap takes advantage of the natural drop in adenosine levels when we sleep. So if you drink coffee right before you go to sleep, there’s less adenosine to compete for the coveted brain receptors. That means you wake up feeling alert and energized.

The studies supporting the effectiveness of coffee naps are limited. The available studies have a small sample size.

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You need to take a nap for the right amount of time

The duration of the nap is crucial to get the most out of your coffee nap. So get your alarm clock ready. Your coffee nap should be only about 15 to 20 minutes for best results. The nap should not be longer than 20 minutes; otherwise, you risk missing out on the benefits of the caffeine getting into the brain.

Plus, it takes about 20 minutes to get into deeper sleep stages. Once you get to a deeper stage, waking up will likely lead to disorientation and negate any positive results from a coffee nap.

Always proceed with caution: things can go wrong with a coffee nap. Sleeping too close to bed will likely disrupt your sleep. Given the time it takes for our bodies to break down caffeine, you need to stop your coffee naps. to keep at least 6 hours before going to sleep.

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How you drink your coffee matters too

If you plan to use caffeine to give you a boost after a napYou can’t drink your coffee slowly. It is best to drink it quickly and then go to bed before you start to feel the effects. The existing studies use about two cups of coffee.

It is also recommended to drink it black and avoid the cream, milk or sugar. Added sugars or flavors can give you a sugar high, resulting in an energy crash later on.

The TL;DR version of coffee naps is: Quickly drink two cups of black coffee and sleep for about 20 minutes (no longer). Wake up and feel refreshed.

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