here’s the latest on canceled events

Will there be a public holiday for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral?

The king has approved an order that the day of the queen’s funeral will be a public holiday. The date has yet to be confirmed.

Are schools closing due to mourning?

The Department of Education said schools and colleges in England should normally remain open during the mourning period.

In a message to headteachers, ministry officials said it would issue further guidance after details of the funeral have been confirmed by the royal household.

Headteachers were told: “Schools and secondary education institutions must remain open. While normal attendance is expected, head teachers remain authorized to grant leave for students in exceptional circumstances.”

The DfE message went on to suggest that schools may “consider organizing special activities, holding meetings or adjusting scheduled classes” to commemorate the Queen’s life.

Do shops close because of mourning?

Shops generally remain open during the mourning period, although some choose to close on the day of the funeral, especially if they are close to the procession’s route.

Official government guidelines state: “There is no obligation for organizations to suspend business during the period of national mourning.”

Some businesses may wish to close during the mourning period, especially on the day of the Queen’s state funeral, but this is at your discretion. None of the major supermarkets have announced any changes to opening hours yet.


The postal and rail strikes were canceled on Thursday as the country entered a period of national mourning following the death of the Queen.

A planned strike by Royal Mail workers on Friday has been called off after the Queen’s death. Members of the Communication Workers Union were forced to continue a 48-hour strike in a dispute over pay and conditions.

Rail strikes prepared for September have been cancelled. Train drivers union Aslef had set a strike date for Thursday 15 September. The Transport Salried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) had planned a strike for Monday, September 26.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has postponed its annual conference, scheduled to take place in Brighton on Sunday, for four days.


The usual government activity has been reduced to essentials, with policy announcements on hold – although measures to implement the new energy price freeze will still continue.

Government press releases and policy announcements will not be made in the usual way during the mourning period, but critical information will be communicated.

Public buildings will continue to function and the government apparatus will continue, but a high bar will be set for new government communications with the country.