Jacksonville Jaguars’ James Robinson May Have a Heavy Workload Against Washington Commanders

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jaguars driving James Robinson back will not be restrained against the Washington Commanders on Sunday on his return from a torn left Achilles.

In fact, Robinson can face a heavy workload depending on how he feels and the game develops, said Jaguars coach Doug Pederson.

“I think we need to get into the football game,” Pederson said on Wednesday. “I’ve also been in situations like this where you want to go in and you want to set the pace of the game with a guy like James. At the same time, if he’s feeling good and there haven’t been any setbacks or whatever, then go you just and just roll with it.

“…I think he’s back. He’s been practicing for the past few weeks. He looked really good. I’m excited to see him play.”

Robinson’s return comes less than nine months after he suffered a ruptured left Achilles tendon in a loss to the New York Jets on December 26. He was confined to individual work for much of the training camp, but did participate in team drills during joint training sessions with the Atlanta Falcons on August 24-25. He did not play in preseason games.

“I feel like I’ve been ready since the last few weeks of training camp,” said Robinson. “If I had limitations, I wouldn’t be there. So like I said, I’m feeling good and I’m going out to be myself again.”

Robinson has averaged 17 touches per game in his two-year career with the Jaguars, but is set to share the workload with Travis Etienne Jr., who worked as a top defender throughout camp and preseason, and his pace complements Robinson’s more physical running style.

“He’s a little different runner than… [Etienne]of course, and it fits a certain style of running that we like and [Etienne] suits another style that we like,” Pederson said of Robinson. “You try to use them both together and be smart, put them in situations where they can naturally be successful. It’s up to us as coaches to do that.

“…It opens things up when you run the ball successfully, and it starts there. It’s nice to have two different types of runners because you can do different things during the game. It’s also more about what works and what which is going to work when you get into the game and make adjustments.”

The Jaguars signed Robinson as an unwritten rookie-free agent from the state of Illinois in 2020 and were so impressed in training camp that they knocked Leonard Fournette out of the first round. Robinson has rushed 1,837 yards and 15 touchdowns and 80 passes for 566 yards and three touchdowns in two seasons with the Jaguars.

In 2020, Robinson posted the most scrimmage yards (1,414) and second-most rushing yards (1,070) in the regular draft era by an unwritten rookie.