Kanye West Doesn’t Read So Why Would Anyone Pay $15,000 For Their Child To Go To School?

On Thursday, Kanye West offered a correction to an infamous quote he gave in a 2013 interview with Sway Calloway: “I’ll go ahead and say Sway had the answer.”

Kanye, who legally changed his name to Ye, discussed: in a new interview with Good morning America his current legal battle with Gap and Adidas, with which he has separate collaboration agreements for his Yeezy brand.

In 2013, Kanye was defiant to Sway’s emphasis that he was spreading his own line rather than working with a conglomerate, yelling, “You don’t have the answers, Sway!”

In retrospect, Kanye said, in a much softer tone, that Sway had a point.

Kanye isn’t known for being conciliatory, so it’s a shame he wasn’t also asked to revisit other comments he’s made now that the rapper, producer, designer, and businessman has added educator to his list of job titles.

Kanye has opened a school called the Donda School, “a gospel school” he founded and named after Donda West, his late mother who was chair of the Department of English, Communications, Media Arts, and Theater at Chicago State University.

According to the school in Simi Valley, California, her website, students participate in “full school worship,” along with core classes of language arts, math, and science, and enrichment courses such as fine arts, film, choir, and parkour.

In the “Who we are” section of their website, the school claims, “With an ethic of integrity and care, Donda Academy prepares students to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators by providing them with world-class education with a rigorous core curriculum and an emphasis on sustainability, creativity, critical thinking and Troubleshooting.”

On GMA, Kanye said it was originally called the Yeezy Christian Academy and that the school “gives kids practical tools they need in a post-iPhone world.” He added that Donda Academy is in its third year of operation and has an enrollment of 82 students.

“So many schools have been created to educate kids for industries that don’t even matter anymore,” explained Kanye, noting that Donda Academy focuses on “practical skills” for its students in engineering-related jobs. computer programming or agriculture.

He added that the school’s teachers have the capacity to “make your kids really geniuses.”

“And if your kids are geniuses… they’re three grades down,” he said.

You know, I admit that most of our public schools don’t necessarily prepare American students for the kind of high paying jobs they deserve access to. And it’s nice to hear about a school that focuses on critical thinking and creativity, while most public school students often fixate on passing a standardized test.

Admittedly, I’m just a gay uncle as opposed to a real parent, but I do have questions for the parents of those 82 students and all those who want their kid to join Donda Academy: have you all forgotten what Kanye said about learning? ?

With respect, no matter how people praise him for his creative genius, Kanye is a grown man who brags about not liking reading. Understandably, people will never forget what he once told Sway in anger. However, I never let go of the school leavers’ thoughts on literacy.

To promote a 52-page book he co-authored, Kanye West told Reuters in 2009 he was “a proud non-reader of books. I like getting information by doing things like really talking to people and living real life.”

Again, his mother was an English professor.

Then there are the comments Kanye made about reading a week ago.

In a recent episode of “Alo Mind Full” podcast that aired last Friday, Kanye told hosts Danny Harris and Alyson Wilson that he has never read literature and prefers to speak.

“I haven’t actually read a single book,” he said. “For me, reading is like eating Brussels sprouts. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.”

So I found out that Brussels sprouts did indeed have a flop era, which is why so many of us have only recently resented the taste of the vegetable, but this is exactly why people need to read. Kanye could have learned that Brussels sprouts taste better now — especially with bacon, parmesan, or some hot honey and hot sauce. Since I love to read, I’m going to give these fancy sounding corn ravioli a try.

But, on the bigger point, isn’t that the dumbest analogy in the world?

This man is in his mid-40s and likened reading to eating vegetables he doesn’t like.

I have questions about the judgment of the parents who enroll their children in this school just for that ― but especially after reading a rolling stone report about Donda Academy.

Two sources tell rolling stone that families must sign nondisclosure agreements, although one counselor claims that only parents sign an “informal agreement.”

Meanwhile, the school is not accredited and, like many schools across America, is actively seeking teachers. Then there’s the listed principal and executive director Brianne Campbell, who also leads the school’s choir and apparently never held a formal position as an educator.

Shouldn’t that alarm the parents?

“People choose to bring their children to Donda Academy for a sense of privacy,” Malik Yusef, a producer and longtime associate of Kanye who says he helped shape the school concept, explains to the publication. “A sense of care, a sense of concern, a sense of love, an environment of health and an environment of wealth, an environment of learning and putting God first.”

And they pay $15,000 a year in tuition for it.

This school will serve as a launch pad for West’s plans to open campuses across the country next to Donda University.

I’m concerned that Kanye is basically franchising Trump University for multicultural religious toddlers, but if people want their kids to learn from a guy who doesn’t like to learn, let him cash checks from those fools. I just pray to Jesus that those kids at least like to read.