Live Updates: Public Holiday Declared for State Funeral

LONDON — King Charles III has declared that the day of his mother’s funeral will be a public holiday.

Charles approved the decision at his formal accession ceremony on Saturday.

The date of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral has not yet been announced, but is expected to be around September 19.

This will be the second additional holiday for Britons this year – a public holiday was declared in early June to mark Elizabeth’s 70th platinum anniversary on the throne.


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LONDON – King Charles III was officially announced as Britain’s monarch on Saturday, in a ceremony steeped in ancient tradition and political symbolism – and broadcast live for the first time.

Charles automatically became king when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Thursday, but Saturday’s accession ceremony is an important constitutional and ceremonial step in introducing the new monarch to the country.

The ceremony at St. James’s Palace, a royal residence in London, is attended by the Accession Council, made up of senior politicians and officials who advise the monarch. They met without Charles and officially confirmed his title, King Charles III. The king will then join them to make a series of oaths and declarations.

It is the first time the ceremony has been held since 1952, when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne.


LONDON – Britain’s King Charles III told Prime Minister Liz Truss that losing his mother was the day he feared so much and that he should “try to keep things running”.

Their meeting took place at Buckingham Palace on Friday after the King of Scotland flew to London.

Queen Elizabeth II had appointed Truss to the role just two days before her death.

And Truss praised the Queen at the start of a special session of Parliament, calling her “the nation’s greatest diplomat” and saying her devotion to duty set an example for all.

Normal business in parliament has been suspended and lawmakers will spend two days offering their memories and reflections on the Queen.

Senior legislators will also take an oath to King Charles III, the new monarch.


WASHINGTON — US President Joe Biden told reporters on Friday that he planned to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Biden was the 13th and last US president to meet the woman whose reign spanned seven decades. The Queen had met all American presidents since Dwight Eisenhower, with the exception of Lyndon Johnson. That’s because Johnson didn’t visit Britain during his presidency.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden said the Queen’s legacy will loom large in the pages of British history and in the story of our world.

Every living former US president—Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump—joined Biden in mourning her passing and offering condolences to her family.


ATHENS, Greece – Former King Constantine of Greece has described Queen Elizabeth II as “a beacon of dignity and humility to the whole world.”

Constantine lived in London for years after the Greek monarchy was abolished and is close to the British royal family.

“We’ve been through so much together and I will never forget the love and support she showed me and my family,” he said in a statement on Friday. “I sincerely wish King Charles III an equally successful service to his country.”


LONDON – King Charles III has expressed his love for his son, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan, in his first speech to the nation since he took the throne.

Charles, who became king after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, wishes the couple the best “as they build their lives abroad.”

Meghan, 41, and Harry, 37, have had a tense relationship with the British Royal Family since they relinquished royal duties and left the UK in early 2020, citing what they believe were the intolerable breaches and racist attitudes of the British media.

The comment came during a recorded speech at a memorial service in honor of the late monarch, who passed away on Thursday.


LONDON – King Charles III says he is “deeply saddened” by the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and has vowed to continue her “lifetime service” to the nation.

Charles makes his first speech to Britain and the Commonwealth as monarch. He became king on Thursday after the death of the Queen.

“I renew that promise of lifelong service to everyone today,” he said.

His speech was televised and streamed at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where some 2,000 people attended a memorial service for the Queen. Among the mourners at the service were Prime Minister Liz Truss and members of her government.


Flags flew at half-mast on monuments in Australia on Friday as people expressed sadness over the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Australian Governor General David Hurley and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese signed condolence registers in Canberra.

“There is comfort in Her Majesty’s own words: ‘Sorrow is the price we pay for love,'” said the Australian Prime Minister.

New Zealanders also mourned the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Friday with tributes across the country. At the Auckland War Memorial, a group of young people performed the Haka, a ceremonial dance in Māori culture. Flags flew at half-mast across the country.

Under New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements, the Queen was also New Zealand’s monarch and head of state.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said New Zealand had entered a period of official mourning and would hold a state memorial after the official funeral in Britain.


ABUJA, Nigeria — The death of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II made headlines in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, largest economy and former British colony.

According to his spokesman, Nigerian President Mohammodu Buhari expressed his condolences and expressed his sadness at hearing of the Queen’s passing.

That sentiment was echoed by a man, Musa Adamu, at a newsagent in the capital Abuja. The official urged the British people to “be patient and bear the pain”, noting that “God will bless you all now.”

The flag was flown at half-mast outside the British High Commission.

In a daily TV talk show, host Mohammed Jinadu and expert Linda Claudia discussed Queen Elizabeth II’s role in holding the United Kingdom together.