Meet the shops behind the drop

At Creative Market, our monthly Drop makes a collection of curated design resources available to anyone with a membership. Our most recent Drop features 33 stores selected for their high-quality designs and unique approach to developing creative assets. Explore these hand-picked stores below to learn more about what they offer!


FinestDevs focuses on helping business owners to market their products and services. Each template has sharp graphics, clean lines, and simple fonts, making it easy to edit them all. The templates are particularly suitable for the technical industry.

Ruslana Vasiukova

Bright colors and whimsical images come together in bundles, checklists and set packs by Ruslana Vasiukova. The collection features modern designs for every season, along with checklists to make it easier to keep track of everything in your busy life.


This collection from BLKMARKET has everything you need to create stunning graphics for online and print marketing campaigns, including textures, design elements, still photos and Photoshop presets. Each pack features high-contrast designs with an industrial touch.


Softulka offers everything you need to create eye-catching marketing materials or personal design projects, from clipart and vector shapes to posters and gradient backgrounds. These designs have bold colors and a variety of styles to suit your needs.

twin brush

Based in Ireland, Twinbrush specializes in graphic design, brand identity and illustration. The store’s current collection includes fonts, shapes, patterns, and other design elements. Styles range from retro to modern, making it easy to create your own custom designs.


Inspired by the ability to create designs with a vintage-modern aesthetic, Emma James opened Antiquaria Design Studio in 2010. The current collection, which includes photos, fonts, and graphic bundles, focuses on design elements associated with the American Southwest.


Olga.Angelloz wants to make graphic design fun. Her shop, Cohesive Graphic Collections, features clipart images as seamless patterns, making it easier to incorporate each element into your own designs. The current collection includes holiday bundles, planner sets and themed packs.

Mirazz Creations

Mirazz Creations offers design templates for entrepreneurs and beginners who need some inspiration. The collection includes templates for eBooks, workbooks, and social media profiles, making these images ideal for coaches and course creators.


The TONE SUPPLIES shop offers tools to help creative professionals save time. The presets make it easier to turn raw photos into attractive designs that can be used for personal or professional purposes.

draft board

Design Council offers templates and typography sets to help entrepreneurs and creative professionals take their designs to the next level. The store has templates for pitch decks, business plans, magazines, and other projects. Design Council also offers premium icons and other design elements to make your business stand out.

pixel buddha

Pixelbuddha offers a variety of design elements to help graphic artists and business owners save time. Overlays, mockups, Photoshop brushes, and other tools make it easier to create compelling images for business marketing or artistic endeavors. provides high quality digital resources to help you build your own designs from scratch. Many designs have dark backgrounds with colorful text, making it easier to stand out. also offers special effects to enhance your creative projects.


Liviu specializes in logos, fonts and typefaces, making it easier to embellish your existing designs or create new ones. The store’s design styles range from vintage to hipster, giving you plenty of options when you’re ready to experiment with your own designs.


Arslan specializes in logos and other images used to create strong brand identities. The store offers templates for logos, business cards, flyers, and other marketing materials. Clean, simple designs make it easy to customize any template to fit your needs.

Guerilla craft

Guerillacraft develops creative assets for illustrators and graphic designers at all levels of experience. The store has retro and vintage designs for use in a wide variety of design projects.


Typology focuses on creating design wonders that turn boring marketing material into material that grabs the attention of your target audience. If you need an attractive design for your Instagram page, Typology has you covered.

Mister Mustache

If you’re looking to add vibrant color to your designs, look no further than the MrMustache store. You’ll find templates for menus, parties, club events and other projects, all with colorful design elements and a modern look.

5 September

September 5 specializes in creating designs that stand out on social media, making it easier to build a successful brand. The store focuses heavily on Instagram, but you can adapt these templates for other social media sites.

LEROY Design

The designers at LEROY Design are excited to help small businesses get off to a good start. The store includes everything you need to create a unique visual identity for your business, increasing the likelihood that customers will remember your brand.

Studio Bons

Studio Bons makes sleek designs for Serif WebPlus and Adobe, giving you a strong foundation for your own designs. The store features a variety of lifestyle designs, including a portfolio template and a lookbook template, making Studio Bons’ designs ideal for creative professionals, fashion designers and models.

Hederae Type Foundry

Founded by Valerio Dell’Edera in 2014, Hederae Type Foundry designs fonts for businesses around the world. The Creative Market store features over 20 fonts to include in your design projects.

Studio at the Wild River

Wilde River Studio produces beautifully designed templates for dreamers with a purpose. Visit the studio to find templates for mood boards, price guides, social media posts, and workbooks.

Evatheme Market

Evatheme Market offers dozens of designs to help entrepreneurs, photographers, and other professionals save time creating their own designs. The Evatheme store includes social media templates, wireframe bundles, mobile UI kits, and other design elements.


Estartshop specializes in creative resume templates to help job seekers stand out and get noticed. Each design has room for a photo or personal logo to enhance visual appeal and show your professionalism.


Founded by an art director in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the ChristianLaliberte store offers Wolvercote, a display font that works well for sci-fi book covers and associated marketing materials. Wolvercote is available in three varieties.

Webhance Studio

Webhance Studio has been around for over 7 years, giving clients access to bold design elements that help users create their own identities. The store has dozens of fonts, ranging from the playful Pumpkin to the modern Groningen.

Sproverio type

Sproverio-Type, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an award-winning design studio focused on creating custom fonts that stand out from the other options on the market. If your favorite aesthetic is groovy, the Seventies font is the perfect match.


If you’re looking for designs with a tropical feel, TanType is the answer. Mignon, Parfait and Magnolia are just a few of the TanType fonts that will take you from your office to a tropical paradise.

Darumo shop

Founded in June 2016, Darumo Shop specializes in fonts and vector graphics. Each vector set has vibrant colors and clean lines, making it easier to incorporate these images into your designs.

Unicode Studio

After more than 7 years in business, Unicode Studio designers know how to create custom fonts that enhance personal and professional design projects. The collection focuses solely on script fonts.

Asteria Studio

If you’re looking for minimalist designs, look no further than Asteria Studio. The collection features simple designs that can be customized to help you grow your business. Asteria Studio also offers visually appealing Instagram templates.

Una Matison

Based in Riga, Latvia, Una Matison offers stock photos, videos, and overlays to help entrepreneurs promote their products and services. The store features several bundles, giving you access to everything you need to get your business off the ground.

deep lab

Founded in 2015, Deeplab specializes in creating social media product mockups and templates. If you’re looking for digital marketing collateral or want to up your social media game, Deeplab has dozens of templates to help you achieve your goals.

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