rechargeable ‘PEDAYAK electric’ fuses kayak with pedal boat, side float and trimaran

Hands-free PEDAYAK electric with propulsion system

An all-in-one concept seems to be the overarching concept of watercraft PEDAYAK Electric, a kayak paddle boat concept with bicycle pedals, a drive system and rechargeable electric batteries. The company PEDAYAK calls its invention a hands-free kayak with hybrid electric and/or muscular propulsion that is manoeuvrable, stable, versatile and modular. Features include a muscular propulsion system with pedals and propellers; an electric propulsion system controlled by a removable remote control; and a steering system with a tiller and rudder controlled by a stick.

The company states that this combination provides agility and agility when riders move forward or backward water vehicle. The 15 Ah lithium battery – which is removable and can be charged from any 220/110V power supply and electric charging stations – can last up to seven hours when the rider is pedaling, three hours at medium speed and one and a half hours at maximum speed. The battery would be fully charged after two and a half hours.

images courtesy of PEDAYAK

Electric propulsion, muscle propulsion or both

PEDAYAK Electric offers options for 100% electric, 100% muscle drive, or a combination of both. It believes that its kayak paddle boat emits no CO2 emissions, makes no noise and is made of recyclable components.

The company states that the electric propulsion is controlled by a removable waterproof remote that can be hand-tethered with Velcro, and that the battery and controller are integrated into a single unit, housed in the waterproof hull. Riders can control the watercraft via the underhand stick that directly controls the rudder and rudder.

rechargeable 'PEDAYAK electric' fuses kayak with pedal boat, side float and trimaran
PEDAYAK Electric can be converted to trimaran or catamaran

Removable structures for side float and trimaran

Since PEDAYAK Electric is called hands-free, riders can easily fish, hike, sail, take photos and videos, call someone and hold up their binoculars. The company writes that the propeller and rudder are protected by two keels and can go into shallow areas with a draft of 35 centimeters.

The additional side float and attachable trimaran can accommodate additional passengers, and the ergonomic backrest ensures that PEDAYAK Electric is stable on the water. PEDAYAK Electric’s removable module allows riders to sunbathe in the middle of the sea or take their diving gear with them.

rechargeable 'PEDAYAK electric' fuses kayak with pedal boat, side float and trimaran
PEDAYAK Electric’s battery can last up to seven hours if the rider just pedals