Reddit loves this band’s ingenious logo, but we’re not so sure

A successful logo design can sometimes depend on a stroke of ingenuity followed by the discipline of going through dozens and dozens of iterations to get the right execution. A California band’s logo gets a lot of acclaim on Reddit for applying at least some of that equation with a clever, highly visual pun.

Band logos come in many forms, but it’s always nice to see a logo design that plays a visual game or communicates a little more than meets the eye at first. And such is the case with this logo for The Makepeace Brothers, a California country pop quartet that radiates positive vibes (if you want to design a logo for your own band, don’t miss our guide to designing a logo).

The Makepeace Brothers logo Credit: The Makepeace Brothers

We listened to The Makepeace Brothers (opens in new tab)‘ syrupy harmonies all morning after this logo design was posted on Reddit’s r/DesignPorn (opens in new tab) channel with great acclaim. The four piece band it represents has apparently been described as “The Everly Brothers squared”, and they are on a mission to spread “a heartfelt message” promoting peace. So does their logo, which ingeniously arranges the band’s initials MPB to resemble a hand making a ‘peace gesture’ – Churchill’s ‘V for Victory’.

Reddit loves the logo design, which gives it thousands of likes and over 90% upvotes. “I always thought it was so smart”, the original poster u/pertnear (opens in new tab) wrote. Many people agree, but some doubt the execution if not the concept, and we can get their point. It takes a while to “get” the logo, and sometimes we have to remember that a logo is not meant to be a puzzle or an optical illusion to solve.

The logo for the Makepeace Brothers

The logo on the cover of a Makepeace Brothers digital album Credit: The Makepeace Brothers

There’s something about the arrangement, and especially the angle of the B, that makes us unsure at first whether it should be a letter or not. Some people seem to see the initials but not the hand and others don’t see the ‘B’ of the initials. It is also possible to interpret the fingers as ears. It might be easier to interpret on a smaller size and on a solid background.