‘Royal Rumble’ – Fighters Respond To Backstage Melee, Canceled UFC 279 Press Conference

The UFC 279 pre-fight press conference was canceled due to multiple backstage disagreements that security was unable to control. Dana White said there were supposedly 100 people in the fight, with punches, kicks and water bottles.

“Yeah, this isn’t going to happen. My apologies, everyone. I’m in some really weird waters here, this has never happened in the history of this company,” White said of the cancellation. “Believe me when I tell you that this is the right decision not to hold this press conference now. For everyone’s safety, this is the right decision. I apologize. Thank you for coming.”

All of this led to the UFC’s quintessential clip during the press conference being hilariously short:

With all that chaos, of course, that led to a lot of chatter and reactions on social media. Here are some tweets from the fighters about the fight and the subsequent cancellation of the press conference: