She-Hulk Behind The Scenes Facts With Jessica Gao


She-Hulk: Lawyer is Marvel’s first comedy series, and the show is largely inspired by Jon Byrne’s She-Hulk comic book run, which creator Jessica Gao describes as “fun and light.”


In fact, the biggest thing when it came to making She-Hulk a comedy demonstrated the idea that most people deal with humor in wild situations.


Jessica mentioned adjusting the She-Hulk comics in a TV series ‘a dream’. She always wanted to write a Marvel movie, but once the MCU started doing shows, she knew this was her time. Before that, Jessica is best known for writing the iconic “Pickle Rick” episode of Rick & Mortywhich won her an Emmy Award in 2018.


Speaking of working with Tatiana Maslany, Jessica said she “can’t imagine anyone else playing She-Hulk,” and from the get-go, Tatiana worked tirelessly to bring Jennifer/She-Hulk to life on screen.


Tatiana was even able to transfer her skills from Black orphan until She-Hulk when it came to playing Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk. Jessica said she made playing these two characters “seem so easy,” though she makes them feel like they’re two different people.


One of Jessica’s favorite scenes that really shows the subtle differences Tatiana has been working on between Jen and She-Hulk is when Jen suddenly feels rejected after her one night stand is only interested in She-Hulk in episode 4.


The scene after the end credits of Episode 1, where Jen hilariously discovers that Steve Rogers/Captain America had sex, was created because the writers were huge Marvel fans and were discussing the MCU with each other.


Originally the first She-Hulk episode would be the eighth episode, or the penultimate episode of the season. The second episode is so short because it had to be edited and adapted when it was no longer the pilot.


In fact, there was much debate as to whether or not the first She-Hulk episode had to be an origin story. However, when Jessica realized that some fans wouldn’t know much about Jennifer Walters before the show, they decided to turn around and let Jen become She-Hulk for the first time in Episode 1.


Jen’s hilarious fourth wall breaks through She-Hulk were Jessica’s favorite thing to record, and it’s something straight out of the She-Hulk comics.


And Jessica says the breaks in the fourth wall work so well in She-Hulk because Tatiana is so good at it. She loves when Tatiana looks into the camera, “you really feel like she’s talking to you and you’re her friend.”


She-Hulk gives several MCU actors, such as Mark Ruffalo and Benedict Wong, the chance to explore their characters in a comedic setting. This is one of the few times Hulk and Wong are funny and don’t worry about the fate of the universe.


Everyone on the She-Hulk set was impressed with how nice and wonderful Mark Ruffalo is. Jessica said he’s the “nicest guy” and when he jumps into acting mode it’s incredible to watch.


One of the most important relationships in She-Hulk is between Jennifer and Nikki, and the writers wanted to make sure their friendship felt “real” and “lived”. That’s why there are several times when Nikki and Jen are just sitting on a couch, each on their phone, but talking to each other. That portrayal of female friendship felt most authentic.


Ginger Gonzaga improvised the line in episode 3 when she told Jennifer she sent Wong a thirst trap and it was just a picture of her with a stack of books.


Jameela Jamil is the one who helped She-Hulk land Megan Thee Stallion for her hilarious cameo in episode 3. Jameela and Megan collaborated on Legendaryand she reached out to see if Megan would be willing to play herself in She-Hulk.

You are all welcome! ❤️ I asked her to be on the show and she said YES! And She Hulk twerking with Thee Stallion history was made. And it was glorious. Amen. 👑

@jameelajamil / Xavier Collin / Press agency image / Alamy / Via Twitter: @jameelajamil

“Have you ever imagined in your wildest dreams that Megan Thee Stallion would be in a Marvel property?” Jessica recalled. “And, like, twerking with a Marvel star. And that’s how we thought about it. When we wrote the script, we knew it had to be a famous, successful and beautiful female celebrity for the story to work. But there were there are so many different possibilities like should it be an actor should it be a model should it be a musician there are so many different ways to play this story we thought of all kinds of different people for it but jameela was the one that Megan knew, from working on Legendary with her, and she said, “Should I ask Megan?” and we were like, ‘Yeah, duh! Of course, if we can make it happen!’ It wasn’t a question of whether we wants her, it’s whether she wants us or not.”


Tatiana and Megan Thee Stallion filmed the twerking post-credits scene for “a long time,” and Jessica hopes Marvel will one day release all the extra footage they have.

And here are some behind-the-scenes shots of the moment, because it really is my favorite thing ever:

@jameelajamil / Marvel / Disney+ / Via Twitter: @jameelajamil


The reason Titania is the central villain for She-Hulk: Lawyer is because in the comics, she’s the only villain created specifically for She-Hulk. Jessica loved the idea of ​​modernizing the character that felt perfect for an age of social media.


And finally, if Jessica could give something She-Hulk character a spin-off series, it would be Madisynn, who arrives in episode 4 and instantly falls in love with Wong.