‘The Bachelorette’ Finale: An Explosive, Bizarre Ending For Tino And Rachel

Whether you just finished Tuesday night bachelor party or you keep seeing content out of context on your Twitter timeline, it’s time to talk about that wild episode.

In particular, the explosive ending to Rachel’s Bachelorette saga, first in the Bachelorette finale. Tension became tense, but a very welcome face turned the mood.

Let me set the tone. It starts with Rachel, one of the two singles from Season 19. The episode features both pre-recorded parts and live clips for an audience.

During the first, we see Rachel telling her frontrunner, Tino, that he is the last man fighting for her heart. They get engaged and all is well. Expect, well, no, it’s not.

The engagement scene takes place very early in the whopping 3-hour finale episode. In addition, a small box in the corner of the screen projects Rachel’s very unhappy face, live, for all of us to see.

Host Jesse Palmer, who is with Rachel during the live portion of the finale, asks her about the expression. “I can see this wasn’t the end of what happened,” he offers. And no folks, it wasn’t. “You might need a glass of wine for this,” Palmer adds before a commercial break.

When we get back, Rachel drops a bomb: “Everyone knows, of course,” she says. ‘It didn’t really work out. He cheated on me.’

Are you okay? asks Palmer. She answers with a “no” to the tune of “Are you seriously asking me now.”

Somehow Bachelorette cameras captured what happened next. “Today will be the first time I’ve spoken to Tino since he told me he cheated on me,” Rachel says. Soon Tino appears, looking quite disheveled and holding a mysterious brown notebook.

It’s tense. Tino says he screwed up and kissed a girl.

He also reads aloud from the notebook – his diary – things he wrote down that Rachel had allegedly said to him earlier. This can only go well for you, mate. The conversation is long, heated, and a little confusing, but Rachel makes it clear that “yes, we’ve had a hard time, but we never said we broke up, that we weren’t engaged.”

“I agree, I agree,” Tino replies.

Rachel eventually tells him she’s ready and gives him her engagement ring. It feels good.

Then it’s back to the live show. We learn that Tino has written her an apologetic letter in the meantime. Then we hear that he is about to come on stage. Excuse me what?

Palmer says it’s the first time they’ve come face to face since Rachel broke off her engagement. This poor, poor woman. The second convo didn’t seem to yield much new information. However, they talked very clearly about some things. “We’ve been going through a very difficult time that is very personal to both of us, and I think we both don’t want to air why those things happened,” Rachel says cryptically.

Then comes an unexpected, fantastic moment. Out of nowhere, Aven, a fan favorite whose relationship with Rachel ended in Tuesday’s Bachelorette episode, takes the stage. Rachel shows a well-deserved smile.

“I was just wondering if you might want to get out of here and catch up?” says Aven.

“I would love nothing more,” she replies.

After that, both Palmer and Rachel’s former flame find themselves uncomfortably in each other’s company. In other Bachelorette final news, Rachel’s co-Bachelorette Gabby got engaged to her frontrunner, Erich. Season 19 contestant Zach is the next Bachelor. Here’s more of what Twitter had to say about the Rachel and Tino section.