‘The Rings of Power’ Episode 5: Goodbye

In Episode 5 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Elrond faces a tough choice as Númenor prepares to go to battle. Oh, and Durin is an absolute legend. You will see why.

If you need a refresher, we’ve already summarized Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4. Here’s our look at the action from the latest episode – be warned: spoilers ahead.

An icy reunion

ON THE ROAD — This week we catch up with the Harfoots again. Nori and her family are largely trailing behind. We even get a little map montage as they drag their carts across the expanse of Middle-earth. Nori and the Stranger have a conversation that somehow crosses the line between Hooked on Phonics and a freshman philosophy about the nature of good.

At one point, Nori’s family and the rest of that jerk Harfoots who wanted to leave them behind (they even have the nerve to suggest stealing their wheels and let them die) are chased by wolves. The Stranger rushes to the rescue and slams his fist on the ground so hard that it sends a shock wave and scares the wolves off. Unfortunately, he injures his arm. But hey, those cranky, old, discriminating Harfoots like him now.

From here we get another glimpse of the stranger‘s ability to manipulate the elements. He dips his arms in some water and begins to turn it into ice, but he is so absorbed in his spell that he doesn’t notice Nori touched his arm, and she begins to freeze like a small Harfoot ice cream.


Sorry. Anyway, she’s okay in the end, but it scares her. Nori is that person who posts on Facebook about rescuing a lost dog, but the attached photo is a rabid coyote. oops.

Elsewhere, a trio of creepy people all in white (including the person with the bleached eyebrows from the trailer who everyone thought was definitely Sauron) investigate the crater where the Stranger landed. Damned tourists.

table insert

LINDON — It’s family dinnertime. Durin, Elrond, the High King Gil-galad and presumably other people I didn’t mind sharing a meal and toasting the union (TO THE REVOLUTION! Are there any Hamilton fans? Heh? Heh?) of their people. But as with many family dinners it is a bit tense. Gil-galad asks probing questions about what the dwarves are working so hard on in Khazad-Dûm, and Durin tells him that the stone table they eat at is a rare stone that the Dwarves use only in monuments and tombs. Imagine serving someone a charcuterie plate on their grandfather’s tombstone. It’s a statement piece.

This is the deal. Gil-galad actually knows that the dwarves have found Mithril, and he teases Elrond to confirm it. Elrond is like Look, I promised Pinky my BFF. Gil-galad has Elrond tell the creation story of Mithril where an elven warrior and a Balrog (a fire demon) fight over a tree that supposedly contained one of the lost Silmarils. The reason this matters is because Lindon begins to decay and the light of the elves fades. But if the elves could get their hands on much of that sweet, sweet mithril, which contains the light of the Silmaril, they could satiate all the elves in that light.

Allow me to comment this: Wut?

Otherwise, the elves will have to leave Middle-earth and Sauron will dance around in his shirt and socks like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. And if you’re wondering, no, none of this is Tolkien’s.


Elrond hair, shiny.

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The next day, when Durin leaves Lindon with the stone table (and the revelation that he actually just took Gil-galad out of his furniture), Elrond explains the problem to Durin. And you know what? For all that elf drama the night before, Durin tells Elrond, “Get your feathered shirts and let’s go for a walk,” so they can talk to Durin’s father.

Communication, children. That’s the magic.

Orcs just want to have sun

SOUTHLAND — If you thought Adar was weird last week, he’s even weirder in this episode. An orc approaches him while he is enjoying the sun, and Adar tells how soon he can no longer enjoy the sun like he does now. (Me, after a dermatologist appointment.) Looks like he’s going to undergo some kind of transformation? He’s the guy at the party you don’t try to talk to.

Anyway, SUMMON THE LEGIONS and all.

Back in Ostirith, Bronwyn addresses the crowd and delivers a rousing speech about how to stand and fight Adar, rather than pledge allegiance. The crowd seems relatively convinced until Waldreg shows up to stir up opposition. I swear, I had no idea his guest would cause so much trouble. He convinces half the crowd to leave Ostirith. By that evening, Waldreg and his merry band of misfits meet Adar and the orcs, and as we say in the south, he runs his mouth, pledging his loyalty to Sauron. Because emo elf dude is Sauron, right? Embarrassing. The last we see is Adar having him kill a youngster to prove his loyalty. And maybe his butcher’s skills?

At Ostirith, Theo has finally developed an ounce of wits and shows Arondir the sword hilt. Arondir has seen something like this before, and in a very Legends of the Hidden Temple move, he sweeps back some vines and BOOM there’s a skull-like thing carved into a rock, along with a stone version of the sword. Amazing how that was just there all the time. Arondir tells Bronwyn that the hilt is like a key and that Adar knows Theo has it. The fires of the advancing orcs coming to the tower cause stress.

Isildur talks to his father, Elendil.

“Can I get 20 bucks to go to the mall?” — Isildur, probably

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Ships ahoy

NÚMENOR — The ships are about to sail to Middle-earth. They are laden with horses, supplies and drama.

Isildur wants to go, but his father won’t let him because he has been thrown out of the Sea Guard. Eärien and her lover, Kevin, (I know his name is actually Kemen, please don’t email me) don’t want Númenor to get involved. Pharazôn supports the war, but only because it will give Númenor dominance over the people of Middle-earth. And Halbrand just wants to be left alone. Everyone is constantly brushing and talking through their teeth.

There is a scene where Galadriel shows some recruits how to fight and puts them all to shame with her elf moves. So that’s nice.

Later, Galadriel and Halbrand finally have one of those air-purifying outbursts where he tells her he’s done something. For real bad things, and she talks about how her brother died and how her best friend betrayed her *cough Elrond* and how she has no rest. But hey, maybe they can have something close to peace when they go to fight. Because that’s how it works.

The big crowds come the night before they are about to set sail. While everyone is partying, Kevin sneaks onto a ship with arson in his heart. However, he encounters Isildur, who tries to hide. After a brief struggle, the Kevin’s lantern breaks and the ensuing explosion destroys not only that ship, but another. Somehow they both get away in time.

It’s chaos. Pharazôn wants to postpone the mission. Míriel declares that they will make a decision tomorrow morning, but it all comes down to whether Halbrand is committed to the whole royal affair. Fortunately, he decides to do it, and they all sail off, including Isildur who finally got a post — sweeping after the horses on the ship.

What awaits them in the Southlands? Emo elf Adar and whatever Waldreg does these days. What a welcome car.