The Space Force Just Revealed Its “Official Song” And Our Skins Are Crawling With Secondhand Embarrassment

We have some notes.

Semper Supra

We empathize with the Space Force. Seriously. They aren’t taken very seriously, and it can’t be easy to watch pretty much every other branch of the US military immortalized in glory and splendor in an endless stream of shows and movies while getting a dud of a Steve Carrell series. that just makes you look ridiculous.

However, it’s hard to maintain sympathy when the Space Force constantly chooses to embarrass itself. Which brings us to the Space Force’s “official” theme song, “Semper Supra‘, newly unveiled for all to – well, if not ‘enjoy’, then certainly ‘listen’. Is it a blast, you ask? Unfortunately the answer is no.

Woodwind Heavy

First of all, we have to talk about the instrumental atmosphere. While we understand the desire to go for a classic, woodwind-heavy theme, these aren’t the 1700s anymore, folks! George Washington is not the target audience here, and he certainly didn’t travel across the Delaware to get creatively stuck in Revolutionary times.

So far: don’t hate woodwinds. We are a pro-orchestral publication. But this particular instrumental direction has a Barney scavenger hunt-but-for-children-born 1774 feel. Not the movement.

Aside from instrumental atrocities, let’s talk lyrics. The theme kicks off with a bit of a “Lord of the Rings” moment, referring to the Space Force as our “mighty watchful eye”. All Sauron, isn’t it? The song unfortunately doubles up on the Space Force’s insistence on calling its service people “Guardians,” which is always a little hard to take seriously.

We don’t mind the Force keeping watch both day and night, but we do wonder: isn’t that what the military should be doing in general? And in space isn’t the line between day and night a little blurry because of different orbits? Or maybe that would be more of an issue if Space Force actually had service members—sorry, “Guardians”—of the world.

Missed the mark

While we would have liked to see the Space Force do something innovative, those behind “Semper Supra” seemed to make the most of what they got.

“I became familiar with the songs from the other branches, but I wanted this one to have its own modern twist to reflect what the Space Force is,” said chief musician Sean Nelson, trombonist and arranger for the US Coast Guard Band, in a Space Force press release, “modern, new and very advanced.”

One for effort, but we don’t get “modern, new and very advanced” from “Semper Supra.” That said, it actually captures Space Force’s energy quite well: it could be a lot cooler, but somehow it just isn’t.

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