This beloved TikTok hashtag just got its own app feature

A popular hashtag-turned-online community now has its own TikTok feature.

On Tuesday, TikTok has launched a new feature which is dedicated to #BookTok, a hashtag and TikTok community focused on discussing books. The new feature allows TikTok users to add links to books in their videos. According to TikTok’s blog post announcement about the feature, when users select the links posted in the TikTok videos they watch, the links “open up a special page with details about the book, including a short summary and a collection of other videos with the same title.” .” This feature also allows users to save book titles to the Favorites tab of their profile.

We are delighted to present our new #BookTok function in collaboration with @penguinrandomthat our lively #BookTok community a new way to share their favorite books and connect on a deeper level. 📚 More information:

— TikTokComms (@TikTokComms) September 20, 2022

The new book linking feature was developed as part of a partnership with Penguin Random House publishers, so users can only choose to link to books published by Penguin Random House and only if that book is available in their country . The TikTok account for Penguin Random House also published a TikTok video showing what the new feature looks like in the app:


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The Book Link feature is currently available to TikTok users in the US and UK (We have confirmed on an Android device that the feature is currently live in the app.)

If you plan on trying it out, all you need to do is create a TikTok video as you normally would and then select Next one. then on the After screen (the screen where you want to add a caption, etc.), select Add a link > Book. Then select or find a book to add to your video. Choose a book and then select To add. You will then be taken back to the After screen where you can go ahead and post your video or continue to customize your other video options.

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