This V-shaped wooden house in a Czech village has two elongated volumes that intersect

Nestled on the southern edge of the Czech village of Rybí, is a V-shaped house made up of two elongated volumes that intersect and feature pitched roofs. Called the ‘in-law house’, this house serves as a common living space for a family of four and their grandparents. The family hoped for a space they could all share, but with an element of privacy and separation. And KLAR architects really succeeded! Especially considering that most of the site was predetermined by the minimum setbacks required from existing underground gas storage tanks and from the forest edge.

Designer: KLAR

“After considering the budget constraints, program requirements and the preferred choice of a wood structure building, our final decision was to take a rational approach with repeating structural elements,” said KLAR.

The clients had a few requests – they wanted the house to be built of wood and to be a durable structure that is easy and economical to build. They also wanted to partially build the wooden house themselves. The result was a simple and minimal wooden construction with a pitched roof, quite reminiscent of the houses in the Beskydy region, where the house is located.

“The house is built with a timber frame and structural panel timbers, with different types of foundations for the two wings. The in-laws use reinforced concrete strip foundations, while the parental home is lifted off the ground on thin steel poles,” the architects said.

“This gives the building a certain lightweight quality, reducing its scale and impact on the soil,” they concluded.

If you look closely, the two volumes seem to merge into each other at the entrance of the house. The two crossed wings then extend along the courtyard and are endowed with surreal views of the surrounding forest. The courtyard faces the south side and forms a peaceful triangle in which children can play. An overhanging roof provides shade over a wide terrace that extends the entire length of the house. The deck and courtyard are connected by stairs so you can get back and forth with ease. Beautiful trees grow everywhere, so you can really enjoy nature.

Where the two wings of the house intersect, you will find a vestibule. On one side a door leads to the living room, while a corridor on the other side leads to the mechanical room, a bathroom and the grandparents’ room. The family wing is a cozy open space, complemented by a kitchen and dining area. Moving further inside you will find the children’s bedroom, master bathroom and master bedroom. What I absolutely love is how you can access the deck from every room!

The dark wooden exterior, the open and spacious interior, the soft green courtyard and the sense of privacy in every corner make the House with the in-laws quite a unique and special home. You don’t often see homes designed so smartly and efficiently, especially when backed by a low budget.