Wordle Today #447 Hint, Answer and Clues for Friday September 9th

TGIF! Again! The weeks sail by. Faster and faster, it seems, the older we get.

There is definitely a trade-off with aging. You are definitely getting smarter and wiser (well, most of us do). But you also get injured more easily. Simply sleeping too hard can mean waking up with a sore back. I pulled my back and picked up a sock from the floor. Sore necks, aching knees, various strange and warlike ailments, and I’m not even that old! (A year and a day older than Prince William, coincidentally.

That’s what I learned when I researched my recent article on Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday at age 96. Imagine the pains a woman must have had! I doubt I’ll make it to 90. I’ll be happy with 80 – though I’ll be over the proverbial hill if that’s my sell-by date.

On that note, thank goodness we can’t see the future. I wouldn’t like to know when I actually die. As much as the uncertainty of death may weigh me from time to time, the weight of foreknowledge would be much heavier to bear.

I know what the Wordle is though as I got it on my fifth guess today. Let’s see, shall we?

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Today’s Wordle #447 Answer, Hint & Clue

The warning: Yes, it’s a spoiler warning, okay!

The tip: Binding ideas under one higher concept.

The clue: There is a double vowel in this word.

The answer:

I started today’s guesses with queen for obvious reasons. It was pretty good, even if Wordle Bot wagged his metal finger at me with a snappy “decent.” I’ve reduced the total number of guesses to 73, which isn’t half bad if you ask me.

feels wasn’t Wordle Bot’s “favorite bet”, even though I’ve narrowed it down to just 12 at this point. Admittedly, the bot’s suggestion to meter would have gotten me there faster, but who spells anyway? meter like that? meh.

More wagging for piety and the suggestion, again, of meter which, by the way, is spell-checked as I type. My next guess, eject was “pretty good” but over there would have been better.


Whatever, my next guess-theme-was the right one. BOOYA! Suck it up, you stupid robot! The only other option at this point was: over there so this was a bit of luck with a 50/50 shot. Still, guess five and I’m the king of the world! The champion! No time for losers!

Rest in peace everyone, and have a nice Friday!